What is Title Insurance?

By: Alison Meyer, Esq.

Title Insurance is an insurance policy that protects a homeowner’s ownership interest in real estate.  Generally, Title Insurance is purchased at the time of a real estate closing.  A title search is performed in order to determine if there are any clouds on title that need to be cleared before closing.  The cost of Title Insurance depends on the value of the property and protects the property for as long as the insured remains the owner or maintains an interest in the property.

Title Insurance protects title to the property dating backwards from the time the buyer purchased the property.  Is important to purchase a property with title insurance because it insures the right to the property free of liens, mortgages, and challenges to ownership that others could potentially try to use against the true owner of the property.

For example, what if someone knocks on your door and claims they have a deed proving that they own your property? You file a claim on your policy and the title insurer will defend and protect your property rights.

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